Sri Lanka is one of the Greatest
Outsourcing Destinations

How Sri Lanka can Help Your Startup to Stretch Cash Runway

The Lowest Attrition Rate 7%

Sri Lanka enjoys a low attrition rate compared to other offshore destinations, at 7%

The Highly Cost Competitive Destination

Sri Lanka is a highly cost competitive destination and was ranked equal 4th in terms of financial attractiveness on A.T. Kearney’s Global Services Location Index (GSLI)

30% Lower than other Destinations

A recent World Bank study revealed Sri Lanka’s total cost per associate/worker can be as much as 30 percent lower than other offshoring destinations

The Best infrastructure in the Region

olombo has a well-established road network with a quality supply of power, modern office facilities and a well-developed set of support infrastructure services

Why “Sri Lanka”

In the past, most of the USA based companies offshore IT development work for other Asian countries, but now, Sri Lanka attracts most of the European, Japanese and Singaporean software companies slowly but surely, itís being picked up by the international media: Sri Lanka is hot and we are not talking about the stunning beaches or the other tourist highlights.

15 years ago, the IT/BPM industry is recorded export revenue of $50 million in Sri Lanka, and today, it’s approximately $900 million, employing around 90,000 professionals.

That has been made it into a $1-billion-dollar industry by the aspiring entrepreneurs with their low risk-taking propensity.

Many entrepreneurs come up with new ideas that often lead them to the business of those innovations.

Now it has become the fifth-largest export revenue earner with a 95 % value addition.

Sri Lanka is inching towards ranking #1 for Affordable Talent in the Asia-Pacific region by empowering Startup with the knowledge and expertise to set up your own software development centers in Sri Lanka.


Why Sri Lanka Stand out

Why “Startup Sri Lanka”

Less Competition in the Region.

Sri Lanka’s knowledge services industry has not experienced the same demand as other countries—resulting in lower wages and less attrition.

University of Moratuwa.

University of Moratuwa ranks world number 1 in Google Summer of Code for nine consecutive years for the highest number of students from a single university in the world.

Intellectual Property Rights.

The country has created a national intellectual property rights office and as per AT Kearney, is among the most rigorous intellectual property protection regime in the region.

1-Billion-Dollar Industry.

Sri Lanka is inching towards becoming a 1-billion-dollar industry. We have become the fifth largest export revenue earners with a 95% value addition.

Tier 2 Cost Structure.

Sri Lanka offers tier 1 infrastructure with a tier 2 cost structure.

Students Skill Levels.

Nearly 50% of the students who have finished their higher education are trained in technical and business disciplines.

Software Export Growth.

Exports grew in 2018 by 4.67%, reaching USD 11.8 bn. Since the reinstatement of the EU GSP+ scheme in May 2017, exports to the EU grew notably.

Top 5 Technology Professionals Available In Sri Lanka

Top 5 Software Frameworks & Platforms Currently in use

Top 5 Programming Languages currently in Use


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